Tax Havens For The Rich and The Powerful

It comes as no great shock that the BBC’s Panorama programming should report on those that are supposed to be legislating against tax avoidance actually take a very relaxed attitude towards it.

And just as with the ideas that produced works like theĀ number plate paintings, this is not so much a rebellion or an act of defiance against a cruel state system by the oppressed, but the State’s total lack of respect for the State.

The late US hotelier and real estate investor Leona Helmsley was heard uttering that paying taxes was “only for the little people”.

Once again self-interest takes presidence, helped along by the game-keepers who are also the poachers.

In the case of the current British, Conservative prime minister whose holding of 5000 units (presumably bearer shares) in a Blairemore investment fund, it has been fascinating to note how the focus of the argument has been redirected several times. The initial concern was that the prime minister may have avoided paying tax altogether but once it has been established that tax had been paid, became an indictment of David Cameron’s morality. Cameron had criticised the comedian Jimmy Carr for similar practices and is an outspoken champion for the British tax payer. Whether this is at best, double-standards or ar worst cinical deceit, the spotlight has now shifted to the PM’s late father and it is here that it seems to have stayed (with a brief distraction as Samantha Cameron took-one-for-the-team with the story that she spends tens of thousands on fashion advice).

It suits all concerned that the argument is that of the prime minister protecting the reputation and memory of his dear dead dad and not one of the betrayed trust of the British people. Therefore, in the coming days and weeks it looks likely that in spite of everything, David Cameron will take the moral high-ground confirming once more that our ruling class of plutocrats are tightening their grip on power.



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